Intrinsic Relationship of Art & Technology

Art and technology have a symbiotic relationship that has always existed. However, this link is currently becoming more evident due to those works that express this relationship as part of their final product, making use of increasingly sophisticated technological developments.

Brush and pencils are part of the products developed by technology and have been used for years as tools to capture the creative ideas of men. As before, media derived from techniques that are more complex and sophisticated are used today.

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Art and technology are born from an expressive need

Both are directed in different directions and are expressed in different dimensions. However, you must not lose sight of the fact that technology and art have a constant relationship. At other times there was also this awareness. The Renaissance, for example, used the camera obscura to capture realistic drawings through an optical effect, and this close relationship remains to this day.

In general, both technology and art have an inherent relationship with man and both are born from a human creative process. Artistic products have managed to overcome the conception of the use of technology as a purely instrumental means.

Undoubtedly, today this relationship is more evident. Developments and the search for innovation also occur in a vertiginous way in this interaction between the two. At present, it is already difficult to speak of an artistic discipline that has not already explored this relationship.


Technology as a platform and enabler of art

One reality is that with the advent of the Internet and the spread of the use of social networks, many things are also evident. On the one hand the high level of production and with this overexposure the lack of quality of many of these works. A traditional process is based on curricula and its natural space is a gallery or a museum. And if you want to be independent of these complex systems of legitimacy, the Internet allows you to produce complicity with the public that likes what you do, without the need for filters. If you want to advertise your work of art, you can buy AWS account that can best fit your needs.

Technology provides many options. With its accessibility, it also allows the growth of the artistic scene and promotes the development of art.