How Art Enhances the Gaming Experience?

The world of gaming is an ever-evolving landscape, and art has always been an integral part of that evolution. From classic board games to the most advanced video games, a game’s visuals are often the most captivating element to draw players in. How does Art Create Atmosphere and Set the Tone in a Game? Art […]

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Intrinsic Relationship of Art & Technology

Art and technology have a symbiotic relationship that has always existed. However, this link is currently becoming more evident due to those works that express this relationship as part of their final product, making use of increasingly sophisticated technological developments. Brush and pencils are part of the products developed by technology and have been used […]

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Video Games: The Link Between Art and Technology

  Video games have been steadily gaining interest since their introduction in 1952. The first video game was programmed by A.S. Douglas: the Tic Tac Toe game OXO aka Noughts And Crosses with an EDSAC computer. It was the first computer game whose name is known. Since then, there have been debates about whether video […]

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