Video Games: The Link Between Art and Technology

Playing Minecraft


Video games have been steadily gaining interest since their introduction in 1952. The first video game was programmed by A.S. Douglas: the Tic Tac Toe game OXO aka Noughts And Crosses with an EDSAC computer. It was the first computer game whose name is known. Since then, there have been debates about whether video games like Minecraft are a modern interpretation of art or a tribute to technology. That is why this topic is repeatedly discussed controversially and heatedly.

New technical possibilities in the gaming industry enable the creation of more and more new worlds. The further development is fascinating, as are the worlds in which the developers immerse us. Meanwhile, you can even observe that online casino games are becoming a kind of art. Some virtual worlds seem to be more beautiful than the world and reality in which we live. Technology and advancements are interdependent in this virtual world of endless realities. Find out more about it on

Role-playing games and a dazzling world of endless possibilities

Interestingly, video games are the most popular multimedia product today. People are fascinated by exotic or eerie worlds to immerse themselves in. Of characters, they can embody. They can take on a form that they could never take in reality. They can express feelings and emotions that would be frowned upon in reality or even controversial, if not prohibited by law. Everyone can be who and what they want.

The characters are becoming more and more complex and tangible. Players can customize their characters and not only give them a shape of their choice but also partially customize their emotional world. There are weapons and medicinal plants, enemies and friends, teams and competitors. Different ages in which one can “live” and work. You can build and tear down empires. The graceful and detailed shapes and movements are fascinating for anyone immersed in them.


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Interactivity and the possibility of second-by-second change

Whether it’s raining or snowing, the world can end as long as the technology works and in some cases, the connection to the Internet is still connected. Being able to connect interactively with others and be part of a community seems to be one of the main motivations of the many players of video games. You can be thousands of miles apart and still pursue a common mission. Because together you are stronger.

In addition, video games improve motor skills and mainly promote the mobility of the hands and muscles of the upper arms. Other video games, on the other hand, require full physical effort, for example in sports activities such as tennis or golf. Everyone will find what they are looking for in this world and even a walk through the forest is possible to recover from the exciting other worlds. Be where you want and above all, be what you want.