Ways Art Majors can Help in Building Structures

When you think of people who work in the construction industry, you probably think of carpenters and builders. All those structural engineers who build bridges and skyscrapers need a lot of help from artists to make sure that their designs can actually be built as well as helping them so their structures will be beautiful once they’re finished and occupied.

If you’re thinking about becoming an art major or double-majoring in art with another major such as business, engineering, or another field that you think might help you get a job after graduation with a focus on architecture or construction, here are some helpful hints on how an art major can assist in building structures:

Assisting with Blueprints

If you’re working on a construction site, at some point, you’re going to be asked to assist in the blueprints. What does that mean? Well, blueprints are very detailed drawings that show exactly how the engineers want their buildings to look.

Once the architect or engineer designs the building, they put their drawings into a computer program. This program then creates blueprints of the design so that the builders can follow the instructions on how to build the building.

Helping with Structural Art

Many construction and architectural firms have art departments. These people are responsible for creating beautiful art that will be displayed inside a building.

For example, the designs for sculptures, fountains, and pieces that are displayed in lobbies, stairways, and even elevators are thought thoroughly by teams of professionals. That way, it’ll create a uniform design that will fully accentuate the beauty of the place.

What does an art major do in a structural art department? Well, their job is to help the engineers and architects come up with designs for sculptures and other pieces of art that will be displayed in a building. Art majors working in patio shops like carport Perth can also help in customizing a carport if a customer requested for it.

Assisting with 3D Modeling

If you work on a construction site, but you’re more of a computer whiz than an artist, you may be asked to assist with 3D modeling. If you Googled ‘3D modeling’, you may have no idea what that is, but it has a lot to do with creating blueprints. 3D modeling is a computer program that is used to create virtual blueprints.