Sculpting and the Sculptor

Simply speaking, sculpture is a 3D figure that is made with various techniques and materials as a representation of something that you’d typically find or something that is straight out of the sculptor’s mind.

The Sculptor

In essence, sculptor is the creator or the person who has deep interest in how things look like and its shape. They are looking at objects from a totally different perspective. For instance, an average individual might see thick trunk but to the sculptor’s eye, what they see is a delicate form that may rise out of the tree. This actually enabled them to excel in their craft.

Sculptors can literally choose any subject they want for their next project whether it is residential buildings like CT metal roofing, a popular figure, a toy and whatnot.


There are many types of sculpture and among the popular ones is relief. A lot of people are aware about this type of sculpting through working or seeing it. Most of the time, these types come from a flat surface in a manner that appears to be that the figure emerge from the material that has been used.

They can project to a 3D space that’s somehow shallow and people don’t often notice that in its figures, the background isn’t of great importance and doesn’t take away or add from the subject. Thus, it’s possible to better understand the message relayed by just looking at the sculpture.

There are 3 subcategories for this as well and these are the High Relief, Bas Relief and Sunken Relief.

High Relief

These objects emerge from background but in a dramatic way that most figures lie outside. With this, you can have a comprehensive view of sculpture and understand its formation.

Bas Relief

There are instances in which people are referring this as low relief. The distinction between this as well as high relief is, the figures are at low level that they’re not almost in the round. Because of this, majority of the focus is on the frontal view as it is where the artist’s perspective is better understood.

Sunken Relief

You might have unnoticeably encountered this art by other names like incised relief or intaglio. In this technique, the images or figures are carved in low relief but it is set in a sunken area. With this, the relief never gets to rise beyond its original flat surface.