How To Clean Virgin Wool Carpets

Wool carpets are a work of art and thus deserves the best care and cleaning you could possibly give. There are many ways to clean wool carpets. The most common way of cleaning wool carpets is through dry cleaning with the use of specialized vacuums much like vacuums used for wood floors ( Nonetheless, you can use any type of vacuum for your wool carpets with special instructions.

New wool carpets are very popular because it is natural and high-quality material. It is better and more pleasant for children to play on such a natural surface. In addition, carpets made of new wool are flame-retardant, insensitive to moisture and easy to clean. More detailed tips on how to clean your carpet and remove stains can be found here.

How can you clean new wool carpets?

There are some old household remedies for cleaning carpets made of new wool, some of which seem quite surprising. This includes, for example, spreading the carpet upside down in the snow and then tapping it off or rubbing it in with sauerkraut. However, a better method is to prepare mild soapy water from wool detergent and incorporate it into the carpet. Then the wool rugs are dabbed off with a cloth and vacuumed again after drying.

Clean small areas

The best way to clean new wool carpets is to remove every stain immediately. The appropriate method should always be used: remove stains from liquids with a kitchen towel; Salt pulls red wine out of the fabric. Chewing gum must be iced up and carefully scraped off with a sharp knife, and an iron and blotting paper help against candle wax. Once dried, chocolate can be easily vacuumed away.

Otherwise, it is important to always vacuum carpets made of new wool with a floor nozzle that is as smooth as possible and to use a brush vacuum cleaner only when heavily soiled. Otherwise, the sensitive natural tissue is roughened too much and can form lint.