What To Include In An Artist Business Card

Contrary to popular belief a trendy business card is still an important part of an artist’s marketing plan.

You spent time piecing together a killer online artwork portfolio which showcases your own art. When many folks could discover your site on the web or via networking, you’ll find lots of events in which you would like to be certain that they check your portfolio out and meet up with people of the same interest. A business card NYC is more inclined to bring people to your website and its the best representation of what you do! So here are a few things you should know to create your artists business card.

The Artist Business Card

So what should you add on your business card? Let’s get started on the basics.

Your Title along with Brand-name. This may seem evident, nevertheless ensure that the name you feature has the exact name you used for your brand. Be consistent and make use of the exact same name throughout your brand. Use it anywhere and everywhere you sign your name.

A few artists will even have brand names linked to their job. One example is, many jewelry brands or ceramists may have brand names, and painters or illustrators may not. If many people know your name brand, make certain it is highlighted on your artist’s business card.

Your Profession As An Artist. Most of the time, business cards wind up in the base of bags or at abandoned piles of paper. When, at last, someone finds your business card, they may possibly forget what you do or where they got your card. Make certain you include sculptor or designer, or no matter your profession is about on your artist card.

Your Blog. If you are using an awesome business card, make it more visible in your online shop or online portfolio. Your blog or your website must be the center in which customers could get all of the most recent details about your projects and profession, which means that your site link ought to be quite simple to search for on your business card.

Your Contact Details. The age of stuffing a lot of contact info on a single business card is over. Keep it simple. What’s the best way to reach you? If it through your mobile phone, then make sure it is visible on your card. If you have a publicly accessible location, you can also include your studio location.