How Technology is Changing The Process of Making Art

I would like to give you my judgment according to my individual experience. I am not a specialist on this topic. I like to produce art for my own pleasure and share it with my loved ones.

The benefits are that if utilizing a computer it takes very small area to store art. Copying and removing parts inside a picture needs only a few mouse moves and clicks. The digital model can simply be resized, painted, bordered, effects added, glued onto, made partly obvious which is not the problem with art created on materials like paper or if sculpting wood or metal type elements. With physical model constructions, it is much harder to add more without additional effort if performing a final art formation like glue, welding, adding by string/tape/metal wire which can adjust properties like energy, balance, endurance, visual effect and stickiness in terms of how a covering can be employed such as paint. Check this Vehicle Tracking Software for other amazing benefits of technology to other fields.

Using readily-available graphics software vertical lines, rectangles, circles can easily be combined and their area, place, edge, fill color and line pattern can be changed at any step of the plan and huge areas can simply be loaded with colours, designs, angles or created semi-transparent. If a photo or pre-printed media on a plain surface is examined it can be enhanced using the software. If utilizing 3D effects which are usually built-in to graphics software: obscurations, raises and 3D effects can be employed to text and shapes.

The downsides are that it is very simple to waste all work done if unsaved to hard-drive before the machine turns off, unintentionally deleted, passwords are forgotten, software viruses, system wrecks, power outage or affected by virus. Utilizing graphics software needs skills a first-time user will take enough time to master to be able to create a highly-detailed picture. With technology, it can take much longer to achieve an intentional design especially when it comes to fine detail.