Painting therapy is a creative process in which one’s own experiences can be extended by spontaneously dealing with colors and forms. Internal resources are discovered, which can create new solutions for one’s own life. The most important thing here is that feelings are expressed without words, non-verbally, through self-created images or works.

Especially when the patient is overwhelmed by his feelings and thoughts, the painting therapy is very helpful to let him find peace and concentration.

With the help of painting therapy and the use of practical means such as toning, drawing, etc. it is possible to learn to perceive one’s own world better. Experiences, fantasies or states are transformed into an external – obvious – reality during creative action. This visible reality is usually easier for people to understand and understand.

Even hidden contents of the subconscious can be revealed by therapeutic painting. Sometimes people are put under a heavy burden by experiences they can’t or don’t want to remember. Just repressed events deprive them of energy and power, but can penetrate back into consciousness when painting and experience healing in the further course.


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Who does painting therapy help?

  • Children with physical, mental and mental impairment
  • People with physical disabilities who lack the physical ability to speak
  • People with intellectual disabilities who cannot express themselves
  • Traumatized, severely depressed people who no longer want to speak due to a negative emotional experience
  • Adults and children in psychological crises or stressful situations
  • People who have lost a family member
  • Victims
  • Seriously ill people
  • People who want to do something for their personal development, self-perception, relaxation, resource activation, stress management
  • Painting therapy can help them find out from a labyrinth of fear and despair. Life regains meaning and illness or stroke of fate can be better processed.

Effect of painting therapy

The starting point for therapeutic events is the activity, not the product. This is an important principle of painting therapy. The idea that the patient will recover after the therapist analyzes and interprets his image is wrong. Emotions and feelings can be read from the picture, but the actual healing process takes place during the activity.

While working on the image, the patient is able to perceive connections between himself and his environment and thereby recognize his own reality. After this important step to perception has been taken, the problem can be found and a solution can be developed together with the therapist.

Group sessions are often very helpful here, because in the confrontation with the problems of the others unknown emotional and social experiences are made.

From an early age, people are taught to express themselves through language. In painting therapy, other paths are opened up to human beings, which may have been closed to him until now.

Applying concentration and perseverance is not a matter of course for everyone. Painting therapy is therefore used in children with ADHD to promote concentration and desire to continue a thing to the end.

Painting therapy is excellent as a supplement to other therapeutic methods and can be used in almost all clients and patients. In healthy people, it promotes personality maturation and creativity.

Simple Present-Packaging Alternatives

Imaginative gift wrapping is a very enjoyable activity. You can make this activity fun by creating your own gift wraps. This is an art that brings out your creativity and imagination. You can use anything around you to make your gifts more personal.

  • You can make a packing using Spanish moss, oak leaves and banana string. This creates a bird’s nest style packaging.
  • Create a gift bag enlivened with a bunch of gum nuts and leaves.
  • Use recycled paper pressed into its surface and tied with plain string is another approach.
  • Using oak leaves and pine fronds is also one idea which are a dramatic duo when glued into a box.

  • Another idea is the use of fake ivy. You can stick this in gift boxes presented with straw tie and cut-out cat card that is made from recycled cardboard. These takes gift wrapping into a new direction. Make this more special by including a sage stuck to its sides.
  • Packages can also be made from an old white box wherein the sides can be decorated with a rub-down type of Letraset. This can be bought in an art store. You can decorate the top of the box with the recipient’s initials. You can use different fonts to make the letterings.
  • Another idea is using fake furs. You can stick this to the outside and lid of a round box.
  • You can create another simple packaging by gluing a plain board box in its cover topped with coffee beads. When wrapping small items like jewelries or when you want to give a gift certificate use a recycled enveloped embroidering it with beads.
  • Another idea is using a round box. Get the lid and stick with shells on top and it its sides.
  • Look for old cushion covers. You can simply wrap a gift with them. Another is making use of a neutrally toned table napkin. Fold it around a gift and tie it with a beautiful string. You can add simple ornamentation to make it more presentable.

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The importance of art in everyday life

The word “art” is most commonly associated with works in a gallery or museum, be it a painting from the Renaissance period or a modern sculpture. Nonetheless, there is so much more to art than what you see in galleries. The truth is that, without realizing it, you are surrounded by art and you use it all the time. Most individuals don’t know how much art plays a vital role in human lives and how much you rely on art in all of its forms in your everyday life. If you want to learn more about the role of art then this website on art is the ideal place to visit.

Art in the house

Of course, the first things that might come to your mind will be a print, a painting, or a photograph on the wall. Don’t panic if you don’t have one of these things decorating your walls, you would be surprised how much art you have in your house actually when you look around! Everything from the angular desk lamp to a beautifully patterned quilt on the bed, cute pink heart-shaped teapot to the elegant computer case or that attractive tea towels or can be viewed as a form of art.

The joy of art

You may be questioning why all of these things are so important to your daily life and that you could probably survive well on essential, non-artistic things. That is exactly why art is so valuable! Even if art is not essential to meet your basic needs, it still makes life happy. Looking at a painting or a poster hanging on your living room wall will make you feel happy. The sculpture or figures on the kitchen window sill provide joy. This variety of art forms that you are surrounded by come together to create the atmosphere you want to live in that is sympathetic to you.

Inspirational art

Inspirational art, such as posters, is often found in workspaces to encourage employees to continue to be productive. There are now more and more companies using art in their offices and playing background music as they have been shown to actually work to significantly improve the quality of the end results.

Everywhere you make art, it’s obvious. Parks often use sculptures to generate interest and educate people.

Why children need art

Children are by nature real adventurers and this applies when they deal with art as well. This is immediately noticeable when the little explorers throw themselves joyfully, playfully and unfiltered on the creative design as if it were the most normal thing in the world. And the nice thing: it really is!

For people especially children and young people who want to show off their artworks through social media, FreeTik can help them get more followers.

What art builds in children?

The little ones can let off steam in artistic activity and thus grasp and explore the world in their own way. At the same time, they use art naturally and without being asked as a means of communication. Experiences and development tasks are unconsciously mastered and processed.

It is fascinating how the creative design process builds the bridge between the inner and outer world. And that in a wonderfully imaginative way, which in turn has a positive effect on the wealth of ideas and flexible thinking – valuable ingredients for mastering everyday challenges. Children feel their own effectiveness during the creative process in which they produce and create something themselves. This makes them self-aware and finished works fill every child with pride.

Creative support for children can promote the following skills

  • Social skills through group work
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Ability to persevere
  • Concentration
  • Ability to listen
  • Language development
  • Competencies

With art education lessons, your child will be accompanied on their way to a self-confident, open-minded, courageous and carefree existence.  Of course, the top priority is always having fun designing artworks. Having fun while developing their self-confidence, open-mindedness or carefree existence has been proven to have positive effects.

What do educators and parents need to learn?

Today more than in the past, the focus must be on the individuality and creative development of each child. Children do not have to “function” like adults; children have to be able to develop. It is more important to perceive, promote and accompany the individual abilities, social skills and abilities of every child than to ensure the smooth running of everyday life through art and other creative subjects.

The Truest Form Of Self Expression

The art is a way to express something that we feel. It is also an outlet of
our frustration. The art for most people put a spark in their souls. Read more on: project spiritual

Anyone can be an artist. He can be a painter, a sculptor, a dancer, a performer or even a tattoo artist. Artists should never be afraid to branch out and be more innovative. An artist’s work should always be progressive. Some started bringing out their passion in the arts by experimenting with shapes, form and the use of color. Most artists are inspired with the things around them.

It has been observed that many are into the arts. There is a high increase in students who graduate with an art degree. Most of them who chose this career are passionate in the arts. Most of them have courses with degrees in visual and or the performing arts.

Artists often use their imagination and the mood they feel also affects their creation. Most often they beautiful creations come about. Some work of arts is admired by many people. Artists become well known because of their creativity and craft. Anyone can be an artist. People think that artists are very lucky to have these incredible talents. We should remember that not all are born with it. Many famous artists at first have not discovered this talent until they realize that they have them. Some people who become great pursue and sharpen their skills until they are good at their craft. Many have searched to find their own artistic language. Many have started with pure abstractionism. Wherein they express their art works freely.
Passionate artists have a strong sense of time honored values. Artists have important roles in the society. Many of whom provide the society with the inspiration and message that there are many beautiful things in life.

Self-marketing basics for artists

It can’t be denied that your work as an artist is the most important. But even so, you shouldn’t lose sight of self-marketing.

Self-marketing for your artwork

Presentation of your own works

The basis for your self-marketing and the professional presentation of your work is next to your personal finding as an artist.

This includes, for example:
  • Professional photos of your works
  • A meaningful portfolio
  • If necessary an eye-catching invitation card
  • A current website
  • Possibly also a newsletter that you send out regularly

Social media

Of course, you can use media like Facebook and Twitter not only for private purposes, but also for your professional goals. It may be useful for your self-marketing as an artist to generate your own account or blog that you use exclusively and professionally for your appearance as an artist. Some people use social media platforms to buy artworks just like when they buy chain lubes for motorcycle online.

Regional press work – daily press

Contacts to the local press are important for artistic self-marketing – ideally personal contacts, i.e. you know the responsible contact persons and maintain these contacts by regularly bringing yourself to mind.

In local advertising papers and also in regional program calendars, there is usually the option of publishing dates free of charge. Take the trouble and take advantage of this opportunity. It is amazing how many people read these program calendars on a regular basis. In addition, it often makes sense to place a paid advertisement. This is particularly worthwhile when several artists come together and the costs can be shared, for example in the case of “open studios” in a certain city district or special exhibitions of artists’ groups.

Regional press work – art magazines

In addition to the regional press, there are art magazines that regularly report on artists from the region and their exhibitions in the public-regional area. These media are important channels for artistic self-marketing. So go looking and research which publications are in circulation in your region. There are often flyers or magazines available in museums and galleries that you can take with you free of charge. Art supply stores are also a good place to research.

Teaching art to kids and its benefits

Art is a vital aspect of any child’s life whether it be drawings of Polished concrete pictures or scribbling on walls, as children express themselves best in art at a younger age.

A few of the benefits of taking art classes

Improves communication skills

The application of colored pencils to paper offers children another means of communication, even if their works of art are only really understood by the child at this point.

Boosts discipline

Students must pay attention to the instructor, study the technique, and follow directions in order to advance as an artist. Art class, like any other academic lesson, focuses on practice. To improve their craft, students need to commit to their lessons and even take time to practice.

Builds trust

Art education permits learners to explore and practice new media and techniques and thus find their own “voice”. You gain confidence in the path to discovery without fear of the end result. Trust will help learners step out of their comfort zone, be ready to rise as a leader or achieve their dreams.

Improves social skills

Art class can improve a child’s social skills. Children learn best in social settings. Creating art as a group is an ideal way to master skills and learn from one another. By exchanging materials, the children in the class learn to help and share with one another, which further improves their social skills.

Develops tolerance and focus

Most toddlers have short attention spans. Regular drawing activities can help improve a child’s focus and help establish the concepts of patience and focus.

Provides spatial awareness

Drawing can help improve visual analysis of a child and understand concepts such as distance, space, texture, and size. Such activities can help children understand the relationship between objects. This in turn helps them understand more advanced concepts like depth and volume.

Visual analysis is an essential everyday skill that can be learned through artistic activities at a young age.

Learning drawing and creative skills can be an enormous benefit and will help the development of your child. The benefits of art classes are too good to be missed.

Modern art market: How social networks encourage artist careers

If you make your money as a freelance photographer, street artist, painter, graphic artist, sculptor or designer, the term “survival artist” probably has a very special meaning for you. If you want to give your artist career a boost, you can hardly avoid Instagram and others.

With this giga-committed community, the photo app has become one of the most used social networks – and the ideal platform for artists. Well-known professionals or promising newcomers: an Instagram account is a real asset for creative professionals with a visual focus.

Instagram is expanding the art market

The fact that Instagram has developed into one of the most important presentation and marketing channels for artists is not least due to the success of the platform itself. Thousands of new works go online every day, which bring the younger generation, in particular, into contact with the art world in a modern way. Social media not only offer artists free advertising space, they also expand the market for potential buyers immeasurably.

Mobile art galleries: smartphone instead of museum?

Almost all major art museums in the world now have an Instagram account and thousands of subscribers. So why not go to the museum when you everything on your smartphone you see? This question does not arise for those interested in art. After all, the digital galleries only show a small section and individual works that should make you curious.

From photo talent to influencer: Instagram fuels artist careers

Large companies also focus on Instagram and Co. and find promising influencers on the virtual art market. The photographer and digital artist Robert Jahns, for example, has aroused the interest of advertising partners. People also use Instagram to find fat freezing center in New Jersey.

Street art on the net: street art goes around the world

For street art, Instagram has long been an institution whose works of art are also used by fashion bloggers, celebrities and companies.

Art and Personality: Instagram sells the entire package

Many artists now only process their sales and commissions via their Instagram accounts. If mediators and galleries are eliminated, the artists have more influence over the publication and presentation of their work.

What You Need to Know Before Buying VR Headset

It´s true, virtual reality is becoming mainstream. Mostly all of the industry are taking advantage using virtual reality, like the fashion industry up to the military and even the health care industry.

With that said, it is clearly obvious that more and more people are seeing virtual reality more than just for its entertainment. But it is actually immersive and useful.

VR capability is indeed everywhere. Today, if you are thinking of getting a VR gear make sure you go through this blog first. Get to know the these considerations before actually buying one.

What are the things you needed to know? Let´s check this out!

Age for Virual Reality Headsets Users

if you are to gift a VR headset it is best to make sure that you know what age they are. There are clearly two kinds of VR headsets, there are headsets that are compatible with cell phones and VR glasses, perfect for games. While there are also headsets for older users. Depending on the way you will use it for. Also, you  can score graphics card for VR to make sure you are enjoying using it.

Is it Dangerous

So far, there is no definite study to show that the use of virtual reality is unsafe for its users. In fact, there is no doubt that VR is safe because even the medical industry is using it for various medical operations. Which means that, virtual reality has and had served its purpose accordingly.

Is it Expensive

Indeed, it will all go downn to the price. The answer could be a yes and it also could be a no. Again, there are a lot of uses of VR and it actually depends on the kind of use you will need it for.

If you want VR headsets that are designed for gaming and mobile compatibility you can spot $15 at the market. While there are also VR headsets that are designed for sight correcting, study and training which are more likely going to price you triple than that headsets designed for gaming.

What is the Best VR Headset Brand

There is no such thing as the best VR headset in the market as there’s no single VR headset that’s right for every person. Every headset has its unique features and functions. While it’s easy to cherry-pick the shiniest or newest gadget, almost every month there are new things in software and hardware being built. If you’ve been looking for a VR experience, but you have no idea where to best spend your earned money, you’re reading the right article.

What Are The Various General Arts

There are a lot of people who have this misconception about the wide variety of arts, specifically, those categorized as general arts.

People may have their own thoughts about what are the various general arts, but this only refers to the generalizes study of sciences and liberal arts. General arts will always have this connection with different social media apps, just like the entertainment app of TikTok.

There are many people who wish to visit this app for their usage, as various of videos can be found here with regards to the general arts. This is one of the most informative apps, that an individual may use to be more aware of a particular form of general arts, Tiktok search could help. 

Various General Arts You Need To Know



  • History. 


People may not aware of this fact but history is an important part of the general arts. An individual can truly appreciate the beauty of the place by its own history- in various entertainment apps, today people are sharing various history of their own places through videos. This is where people around the world can gain a lot of knowledge about other places. 


  • Social Science. 


This is one of the most interesting types of general arts today, a lot of people wanted to have knowledge about their country’s history, location, culture and even the type of climate their place has. These things can be done in social sciences, it is one of the most important parts of the general arts. Tiktok shows different videos about the culture of one’s place and ready to share it with the world, especially giving information about how they live. 




General arts is not only about painting, drawing, and other creation out there but it has a lot of things to offer to the people.

This can give helpful knowledge about society, culture, history, and even the politics of the place. This helps explain everything in so different ways, general arts shows how society exists, the role of the government and explains the various agents of the place. General arts thought every individual to give importance to the history of the place and so much more.

From Depression to Creativity

The unrevealed truth about artists is that some of them are using their craft as a relief for depression.

Can we consider that depression and being creative in any way be interconnected to each other? – Yes. Because some of artists convert their depressed thoughts into great artworks. But then, the fields of Psychology and Psychiatry are still puzzling about this idea. Most of Psychologists brought this study to an end, that they considered that, truly, depression can work with people’s creativity.

Now, the main question is that, how do artists handle depression?

As idealists with expansive imaginations, they can easily imagine lives lived differently, with far higher levels of achievement and satisfaction. For the reason that creative people tend to be highly conscious, reflective and aware, it seems they’re inclined to spend far more time thinking over their failures, fears, insecurities and disappointments than most people.

Also, if artists have a strong social consciousness, as many creative people do, they may spend a lot of time imagining possible answers to social, political and economic problems in the world. But then, their fantasize solutions may not always be practical.

Creative people can sometimes be upset. Their practice of forming ideas and thoughtful essence make it difficult for them to come to recognize the failures of themselves and of the people around them. People without such a creative tendency may have unhappy thoughts in the moment. But they’ll be far less likely to tie themselves up in knots visualizing alternative histories that could have happened but didn’t, or should happen but never will.

Depression can give a draining effect, but often it is a warning sign and a cry for help. In other words, it calls for action, and those with great artistic ability naturally turn to their art to express what they’re feeling. Their depression may not be the cause of their art, but it can be a motivation for it, or a coping mechanism for it. That helps explain why so many creative people burdened with depression have managed to maintain such an impressive output of creative works.

On the other hand, how does art can serve as a therapy for depression?

In art therapy, the process is guided by trained counselors who can show patients how to unlock the keys to their own minds. The many great artists who suffered from depression did not usually have such guidance, but similarly, they found their own way to a creative place that was driven by an inner instinct to resolve negative feelings through artistic expression.

When we use this treatment for depression, art therapy functions as an outlet for voicing out your feelings that are not easy to put into words, or that are so buried deeply that they can only be revealed through the free and open channels of the creative process. Also, you can try kratom for depression treatment if needed.


In this view, we can see how the connection between art and depression is made or built up. We can also see why art is an effective and practical for people looking to express and help overcome their suffering by developing self-reflection and self-comprehension.

Art, by only itself, can’t treat depressed mind of a person. So that’s why it is very important to seek professional help for treatment.

Checklist: Building Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Do you know how important social media marketing is for your company?

No matter the type of business, you need brand exposure. These days, one of the best ways to get it is by using social media.

But creating company accounts on different social media platforms won’t be enough. That only gives you the means to build your social presence.

It doesn’t actually build that presence yet. What you need to do is build your social media marketing strategy. That’s a plan for how you’ll get the word out about your company and your products.

Not everyone knows how to go about developing that. If you’re one of those who needs help making a social media marketing strategy, this post is for you- checks here why you needed to have your mobile subscription from Telefony.

Effectively Build Your Social Marketing Strategy

Your social media marketing strategy is part of your online advertising strategy. That’s because it uses social networks found on the Web.

Social media marketing isn’t just spamming users with posts about your business. It’s about using different topics and types of content. It’s also about engaging others in different ways.

The goal for all of these is simple: to promote your brand.

So, what do you need to build an effective social media marketing strategy?

Business Goals and Objectives

Start by asking this: Why are you making a social media marketing strategy?

For most, the answer is growth. You want your business to grow as a result of your social media marketing.

Recall that goal when you build your social media marketing strategy. It can help you identify smaller goals that lead to it.

Here are some examples of smaller goals:

  1. Brand awareness.
  2. Customer retention.
  3. Lower marketing costs.

All of these can lead to the growth of your business.

Goals guide you in coming up with your social media marketing plans. They also help you measure the effectiveness of those plans.

Just remember that it isn’t good to have too many goals at a time. This can cause confusion as to what to put first.

Choosing the Right Channels

There are many networks available for social media marketing. But should you use all of them?

Signing your business up on every social network can be inefficient in some cases. What if only a few of a platform’s users fit your buyer persona? Don’t waste time on platforms like that. It’s silly to market on a place where you can’t connect often with your target audience.

Use your buyer persona to find which platform will work best for you. You can also choose a social media platform that supports your brand image.

Knowledge about Your Competition

Keeping an eye on your competition may sound nosy but it’s smart. It’s actually very useful when you’re making a strategy.

Watching your competition keeps you updated on what works in your field. If you see something that works, add it to your strategy.

Check the type of content your competition posts too. Watch how the audience reacts. Are they doing it right? Do the customers think so?

You can also use this tactic to compare your performances. It can help you find out what you’re both doing poorly.

Among other things, this can hone your strategy. It can show you too what things should be avoided.