Artist: Be Successful With Ticket To Work

Artists with a very recognizable individual style have a good chance of establishing themselves. Use the time to practice intensively in advance. At the same time, build up a portfolio with which you can then apply to interested parties as an artist. Build your income as an artist with ticket to work.

Ticket to work: How to earn money as an artist

Establish your brand and build awarenessticket to work

Let the public participate in your career. Of course, the easiest and cheapest way to do this is via the Internet. Be it via your own website or blog, a social media profile or profile on an artist platform can help.

There are also ways to establish yourself offline. You can write to newspapers and magazines in your city and ask them for an interview or review. You can take part in events and trade fairs or markets. Printed matter is always a good advertising medium. A good portion of imagination is part of it. It is important in this step that you go public and introduce yourself to potential customers.

Organize exhibitions

In order to be able to earn money as an artist, it is actually variable whether you first accept commissions or only come to an exhibition. As a rule, the public impact leads to orders. Imagination and commitment are also required here. And a good portion of self-confidence is also required to approach the appropriate places and ask them to exhibit their own pictures.

Find target group & accept first orders

It is not unlikely if you first get commissions and only then get around to exhibiting your artwork. Nevertheless, this step is the one with which you ultimately earn your money and is, therefore, the most important. Of course, in order to be able to sell your pictures, you have to know your target group. This can either be based on your images or your images are based on your potential buyers. When the first orders come in, an artist often struggles with the price. Here it is important to be self-confident and to ask for a fair, good price for your work.

Stay on the ball and network

You can only be really successful with regularity and commitment. Without effort and a lot of time, it cannot succeed. You should always be aware of that.

You should also maintain good contacts with other artists and network with them. If you complement each other as an artist, it is not unlikely that you will later pass orders to each other.