Simple Present-Packaging Alternatives

Imaginative gift wrapping is a very enjoyable activity. You can make this activity fun by creating your own gift wraps. This is an art that brings out your creativity and imagination. You can use anything around you to make your gifts more personal.

  • You can make a packing using Spanish moss, oak leaves and banana string. This creates a bird’s nest style packaging.
  • Create a gift bag enlivened with a bunch of gum nuts and leaves.
  • Use recycled paper pressed into its surface and tied with plain string is another approach.
  • Using oak leaves and pine fronds is also one idea which are a dramatic duo when glued into a box.

  • Another idea is the use of fake ivy. You can stick this in gift boxes presented with straw tie and cut-out cat card that is made from recycled cardboard. These takes gift wrapping into a new direction. Make this more special by including a sage stuck to its sides.
  • Packages can also be made from an old white box wherein the sides can be decorated with a rub-down type of Letraset. This can be bought in an art store. You can decorate the top of the box with the recipient’s initials. You can use different fonts to make the letterings.
  • Another idea is using fake furs. You can stick this to the outside and lid of a round box.
  • You can create another simple packaging by gluing a plain board box in its cover topped with coffee beads. When wrapping small items like jewelries or when you want to give a gift certificate use a recycled enveloped embroidering it with beads.
  • Another idea is using a round box. Get the lid and stick with shells on top and it its sides.
  • Look for old cushion covers. You can simply wrap a gift with them. Another is making use of a neutrally toned table napkin. Fold it around a gift and tie it with a beautiful string. You can add simple ornamentation to make it more presentable.

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