Key Points When Buying Printer For Artwork

A functional printer is a co-worker for artists. It is important for them to be able to count on a daily basis.


What are the key points should an artist consider before buying an inkjet printer?

If you are looking for an excellent printer for fine art prints and photographs, there are many facts to consider.


Its main use

It is important to know in advance whether you will be using the printer for private or professional purposes. When you use it alone, things like brightness and perfect color combinations might not be as important.

But when you use it for business, you want to be sure that your customer will be happy with the art prints. Also, if you are going to use it to sell art prints, you need it to be of the best quality to be able to build your small business.

laser printer black toner

Color versus black and white

Some printers will create quality prints in both color and black and white. But, there are a few that are more targeted towards the other.



You may want to think about how you will print. Will you be using your smartphone frequently or can you probably use your laptop or desktop to print? Almost all of the printers listed in this guide provide an assortment of connections such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, as well as a USB cables.


Dye-Based Inks vs. Pigment-Based Inks

Almost all inkjet printer users own printers that use pigment-based inks. There are a few who like the look of prints using dye-based ink cartridges. The best would be to study and compare the differences between inkjet and laser printer black toner.


Can you consider a multifunction inkjet printer?

If your main use for an inkjet printer is to produce quality photographs and illustrations, a multifunction printer is probably not the best alternative. For those looking to sell photographs and art prints, you need a printer that was created just for that purpose.

If you’re trying to post photographs or fine art prints in your spare time then you could also benefit from a scanner or a copier.