Commissioned Street Art, Soulages Museum and Touristification

On the occasion of the hundred years of Pierre Soulages, works were commissioned in 2019 from graffiti artists in the region, some of whom were born in Rodez. Wall frescoes are permanently visible on rue Béteille a few hundred meters from the museum.

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A Look Inside The First Museum Dedicated to Graffiti

The two paintings on rue Béteille, with a very formal style, appear as a nod to Pierre Soulages’ abstraction, especially since they are created by artists with a very contemporary reputation, graffiti artists. In the land of the black skin, the graffiti artists highlighted are inspired by classical painting, a return to their roots a bit provocative that will satisfy visitors to the museum curious and interested in other forms of art. And there you have it, you have admired the street art of Rodez in a few guided and secure strides without being disturbed or shocked. Is the artistic trip to Rodez coming to an end? No!

On the condition of getting off the beaten track a little and going to meet another artistic expression more hidden, less known and valued but with powerful messages and certain aesthetics, the world of graffiti and tags. The rest of the article and its main development will be devoted to this wild, spontaneous street art, far from institutional orders and evoking a reality other than that of a known, recognized and century-old artist.

The spontaneous street art of Rodez

The next paragraphs will not be a guide but a sample of Ruthenian graffiti, because one of the attractions of this form of art is its discovery through exploration. Three very different areas will show you how much variety of styles, messages and ultimately a certain beauty are present.

Bridges and territory: identity street art

In Rodez, as elsewhere, the bridges welcome graffiti for practical reasons (hidden areas, adapted by their size, numerous sites, etc.) but which also affect certain symbols. The bridge connects territories between them. Rodez has been perched on a peak since Celtic times. Bridges help to connect this isolated city to the rest of the world. Graffiti on a bridge is also in this city, sweetening a passage, asserting a presence in an area, on support far from being trivial, a line between different realities. A bridge also represents the height in an average city where the buildings are not far from the ground. These constructions are among the tallest, the most monumental in the city with the cathedral.